“11 Hangry Men” & I, @ #HackerSummerCamp

07/23/2017  – 07/30/2017. Famously known as #HackerSummerCamp, infamously known for “hide yo devices & hide your credit cards.” Conferences such as BSides Las Vegas, BlackHat, DefCon, DianaInitiative  attracted people from all over to the 108 degree weather in Las Vegas. This week was a mixture of early morning bed times, mid-afternoon coffee breaks, late night parties and a whole lot of mingling and befriending others from the InfoSec family.

This year, I had the chance to be the intern/Alexa for the Network Operations Center (NOC) at DefCon. Led by Effffn & Mac, the team essentially devoted the entire week (+ months of planning) into ensuring the 30,000+ DC attendees had a secure-ish network to use, hack into and play with. My personal accomplishments included crimping ethernet cables *starts the rhyme: orange-white-orange-green-white-blue…* and learning how to adapt new technologies onto our network.

I will let Effffn tell you more about what we do at the NOC in the video clip below. Major thanks to all the goons, leads and attendees for making DefCon25 such a successful and memorable experience! Needless to say, it was the highlight of my summer and am already counting down the days till the next one!!


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