Academic Resources

Here is a collection of academic resources including but not limited to books and white-papers that have really helped deepen my understanding of various things Cybersecurity.

1. “What is there to Worry About? An Introduction to the Computer Security Problem.” Brinkley and Schell

1. Creating a Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment Program for a Large Company Using QualysGuard – SANS
2. Continuity of Operations, An Overview – FEMA
3. Security Policy: What is it and Why – SANS
4. Fundamental Practices for Secure Software Development – SAFECode
5. Case Study: Critical Controls that could have prevented the Target Breach – SANS 
6. Critical visualization: a case for rethinking how we visualize risk and security – Journal of Cybersecurity 
7. 7 Key Challenges for Visualization in Cyber Network Defense – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory & Department of Defense 
8. Tools and Standards for Cyber Threat Intelligence Projects – SANS
9. Who’s Using Cyberthreat Intelligence and How? – SANS

1. Information Security Policy Templates – SANS
2. PCI DSS Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures – (PCI_DSS_v3-2 ) PCI Standards Security Council 
CIS Top 20 Security Controls – (CIS v6.1) Center for Internet Security

Test Prep
1. CISSP Review – Open Security Training 

1. The Harvester 


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