Two-Factor Authentication


The infographic above reveals that cybersafety is not just a problem affecting the a certain group of people or a certain region in the world. It’s affecting all of us, everywhere. More such infographics can be found HERE. It’s high time that we start protecting ourselves with more than just a password!!

Recent attacks like TJ Max, Target, Office of Personnel Management all had the vulnerability of compromised credentials. Adding a layer of Two-Factor authentication would have helped stop or at least delay those attacks!

Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) is becoming more common lately as an added layer of security. It’s basically when the user (that’s you!) enters not only a password but also something else that usually the user has. Some times it can be a code that is texted to your phone or perhaps a code that you might have created.

I came across these commonly used sites that offers TFA! If you haven’t already, please do enable this and feel that little bounce in your step as you have just further secured yourself with few quick steps.

  • Google – this includes gmail, drive, etc. Here is a quick tutorial on it.
  • Banks – Bank of America, Ally. Here is a quick tutorial on it.
  • Utilities – DIRECTV, Comcast, AT&T and more
  • Social – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more!For more of such examples, I found this link to be quite useful. If you know of any others, that aren’t on here please do share!


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