#CybersecurityRoadtrip Day 11

Wednesday 12/07: Day 11




Day 11. Today we started our trek by 7:30am from New Orleans to Austin and reached by 6pm. These long drives almost force you to ground yourself as you see the tall trees zooming by. When you stick your head out the window, the breeze instantly freshens you up more than any amount of caffeine ever could. The other day, I had asked the team if we would have talked to each other if we ever passed each other on the street as strangers. Emily and Antwan answered yes! Today, I realized that the probability that such a singular street could exist was very very low. Each of us is from a different part of the country, and have never visited the other part before. Sending out huge gratitude to Roadtrip Nation today for making such a trip possible. For being the medium through which, not only do I get to learn more about the industry I love, and about myself but also through which I have met the two individuals who are helping me grow leaps and bounds in these past few days. By now we have become experts in navigating in and out of the RV. It was also our second shopping day. We did remedy our previous error and delegated who would buy what. Planning a potluck cookout in the upcoming days – excited for that!

Tomorrow holds a reunion with the Director of the trip, who has also been a commendable opponent in Words with Friends.

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HERE is an overview of the team, the route, current updates from RoadtripNation

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