#CybersecurityRoadtrip Day 13/14

Friday 12/09: Day 13 & Saturday 12/10: Day 14





Plato said it best when he said, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” That is what we did yesterday. We played. Go-kart racing at K1 Speed, air hockey, pacman, pool….you name it we did it. We did learn more about each other. Whether it was as obvious as I had a special skill at being horrible at each of those, or the fact that all three of us had a healthy dose of competitiveness. Calm Craig <– Next time you think of angering him, don’t.

Today’s break was successfully spent exploring the city of Austin! In less than 24 hours, I am convinced of the amazing-ness of this city. The people are absolute sweethearts, the food is ultra spicy, and there is a fine balance of artistic funk + majestic history + innovative tech. One of the highlights of my walk around the city was the Capitol Building. It is an absolutely beautiful piece of architecture both from the inside and out. With over 10 floors tall, the building has preserved the generations of Texan history from before and after the civil war. The Drag, UT, Congress Ave Bridge were all also extensively explored. I ended the day with much needed weekly Indian food + pack some groceries. Since there are no uber/lyft currently allowed in Austin, I had the chance to try out the public transportation since the nearest Indian grocery store was over 9miles away. Sufficient to say, the public transportation is well taken care of, and the riders are gracious (or at least the ones on my bus were).

Today’s key message from Kendra my lyft driver was: “Do something. Go someplace. Traveling makes those books become alive.” 30,000 steps later, I am ready to snooze out. Tomorrow we start our three day trek to LA at 7:30am.

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