#CybersecurityRoadtrip Day 16

Monday 12/12: Day 16



unspecified-4Rock…what? Rockhounding! Finally left Texas and its spicy food and reached Arizona with its cacti. “Give me cacti or give me death” was a popular saying by one of the roadtrippers – aka the Tree Whisperer. During the drive today, we talked. Talked about childhoods, our love lives (or lack thereof), but most importantly how we are getting fueled through the reflections on the various leaders we have spoken to so far. It is quite amazing how the leaders might have not ever conversed about their conversations with each other, yet there are certain themes that come up with each of them. The drive also consisted of riddles – my favorite pass time so far. Questions like, “What is a five letter word, that when you add two letters to it becomes shorter?” or “What stays in a corner and yet travels the world?” were quickly answered in hopes to get some more. If you have any, please do share! Riddles seem to a personal favorite of the entire group.

Got a chance to try rockhounding at Rock Hound State Park in New Mexico! Everyone brought in their collections at the end of it for “rock & tell.” Unfortunately, not every rock made the final cut and few were left behind.

Ended the night with a good old traditional game of Bullshit & frozen food. Tomorrow we make our final trek into the Golden State!

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