#CybersecurityRoadtrip Day 17

Tuesday 12/13: Day 17




Eureka! We reached California! It was a pretty quiet & reflective day especially since it was the third consecutive day just driving. We were all feeling it. Driving across the country is a feat & definitely not an easy task. However, one look at the sunlit Pacific Ocean and all of our exhaustion just melted away. Antwan’s first bonfire/s’more/dip in the Pacific Ocean! The full moon acted as the cherry on top to the commemorative evening.

Tonight is also the first night we will not be staying at a RV park, rather our humble abode is currently parked at Roadtrip Nation’s HQ in Costa Mesa! So it is essentially our first night in a parking lot which will give us the “real feeling” that many other Roadtrippers had to face. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we entered the parking lot expecting it to be barren. It was past work hours. No one was expecting a group of warm, energetic individuals ready to greet us! This just goes on to show that once you enter any kind of RTN relationship (whether it be as an employee or a roadtripper or even a partner), you’re essentially part of a family. A hugging, giggling, warms up your heart kind of family.

Tomorrow is our first and final interview day in Southern California!




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