#CybersecurityRoadtrip Day 19

Thursday 12/15: Day 19


screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-10-11-03-pmOur trek today from sunny so-cal to currently pouring bay area, was filled with heavy traffic and slippery roads. However, that did not really bring our mood down as we continued to chat and connect with each other on topics such as religion, emotions and childhoods. It is surreal to think that just a few weeks ago I had no idea who these people were and now it seems like I should soon be earning a PhD on them! I asked each if they saw a difference in me from before the trip to now. The replies were consistent with their personalities. Emily being the realistic one quipped, “I didn’t know the old Mansi. I only know the one on the trip. How am I supposed to compare?”  Antwan being the vague one answered, “Yeah you’re growing in your own way.” Craig being the witty/”pop your bubble” kind answered, “Yeah! You don’t sleep at 7pm anymore.” To be honest, I only slept that early on the first night because the journey had exhausted me while others went out to eat… sleepy mansi > grumpy/tired mansi! Ended tonight with some RV food & Rummikub <–best game ever.

Once again, extremely grateful for RoadtripNation to give me the chance to learn, grow & explore through #CybersecurityRoadtrip

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