#CybersecurityRoadtrip Day 20

Friday 12/16: Day 20


2016-12-16-10-32-35-1What are the odds that you eat the leftovers off a stranger’s plate? We started the day off right by playing a game of What are the Odds, that resulted in everyone taking a shot of Ponzu. Taking a tour of the city resulted in fun photo shoots! Tried my hands on the professional equipment the film crew has (been eyeing their Cannon for a while now…).

Our interview today was with Window Snyder, the Chief Security Officer at Fastly. Apart from giving us the 411 on the best Vegan places in town, she was filled with encouraging words and passion for the industry. Despite recovering from being sick, her love for the industry and the work she does was apparent and contagious. The fact that she went through with the interview (even though she had all right to say no and go home) touched me beyond belief. Collecting and maintaining relationships was a topic that she heavily emphasized. Note a pattern yet? It seems in-case we have learned nothing else on this #CybersecurityRoadtrip, this is the one lesson that every leader without fail highlights —- networking is key.

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