#CybersecurityRoadtrip Day 24

Tuesday 12/20: Day 24



2016-12-20-15-56-49In order to regain some strength after 20+ days of nonstop traveling, I chose to stay in the airbnb last night while the others went out. This morning went we re-grouped, the others had chosen a surprise activity to do in the area! Turns out we went hiking in…..SNOW! Being in the snow was on my personal bucket list for the trip as we had literally experienced everything else from the falling leaves in NYC, to the rain in (DC, New Orleans, Austin), to the dry heat of Picacho, to the winds of San Francisco. For the rest of the team to agree to such an activity despite not wanting to be in the snow (they both come from the land of snow), touched me to my core. This is the type of action I would have expected from my parents, and so when Emily & Antwan gave the same thought it struck me again that we are a family. Emily, Antwan, Mansi – we are a family. There was a lot of falling in the snow (by me), a lot of laughing (by Emily) and a lot of snowballs thrown (by Antwan @ me!). The scenery was mindblowing. To many the “Hollywood” sign in LA is their WOAH moment, for me it was to see the tall trees, the gray sky, and the parmesan cheese like snow that took my breath away.  I laughed when I saw the rest of the team put plastic bags on & below their shoes but it did not even take three steps into the snow to realize how smart their decision was. Hiking in knee-deep snow with Nike running shoes was an experience all on its own.

We ended our last sightseeing day with Pike’s Place & the iconic Space Needle. As we reached the airport, there was a heavy sense that tomorrow would be the last day on #CybersecurityRoadtrip. However, that did not stop us from catching up on our selfies & laughs.

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