#CybersecurityRoadtrip Day 9

Monday 12/05: Day 9


Today was another all driving day but we have officially made it to our destination (New Orleans) safe and sound. Driving itself is a very therapeutic experience. Topics range from “who (alive or dead) would you want to party with” to us sharing our fears, doubts and joys. The music also varies from Lindsey Stirling, to Eminem to The Carpenters to Kimya Dawson. It’s days like these past two days which make the quotation, “There is more to life than increasing its speed” ring true for me. The rain drops, the smooth voice of Karen Carpenter wishing it was yesterday once more all helped in slowing down the day.  Early start tomorrow to try some vegan Cajun food, the Threat Intelligence Summit, and more interviews! Ending the night with the classic would you rather….the latest one being,”Would you rather kill someone every time you sneezed or be haunted by Mr.Rogers all your life?”


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