How to be a Panda Wrangler 101

Ever had an opportunity to volunteer at a conference as a Master of Ceremonies / MC & Speaker Wrangler / Speaker Liaison / Room Host & not sure what that entailed? This panel gives you a peak inside what it takes to be a ‘Panda Wrangler’. adjusting to the ‘virtual landscape’ with conferences, and tips to make your life easier as a volunteer!

Here is the official panel description:

Have you been interested in volunteering at an information security event to become more involved in the community, but have no idea what the different ways you can help are? We have a panel – and this writeup – telling you about the various responsibilities and skills as well as trips and tricks around the role of Master of Ceremonies (or MC) and/or Speaker Wrangling (some events combine the role and do less of each, some have 2 people for this, some have more!)

Thank you Nicole for providing this space & the other panelists listed below for their candid responses:

Sarah Withee ; Margaret Fero ; Brandon Workentin ; @jivesx ; @bluknight

The transcript & other additional details can be found on the Volunteer Role Document. Do let me know if you have any questions regarding these or any other volunteer roles for a conference!

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