Nonexistent sector w/nonexistent members show up…

Recently, InfraGard had its first Education sector meeting. Department of Homeland Security does not recognize Education as its own sector. San Diego along with few other chapters are trying to change that.

So for an non-existent sector, 100+ representatives from both higher education & K-12 came for the first “non-meeting” at SDSU. Michelle Colosimo presented on the “Organizational Resilience: Moving from Crisis Through Recovery.” Related documents can be found below.

Two main thoughts that stuck with me after the meeting:

1) Social media is not just for selfies anymore. Facebook’s “safety check” is just one example of how campuses have planned for social media at school incase of a crisis. A key concern, however, is how to give a consistent message on all the various platforms & how to make sure it’s coming from an official source.

2) Human behavior is unpredictable. Accounting for people during a crisis is a challenge since how people react in crisis is very different from how they react day-to-day. It was interesting to hear various examples of how leaders were supposed to step up and take charge and rather they just went MIA.

Here are the documents shared during the meeting.

4. A link to the disaster preparedness curriculum provided by Kim McDermott from San Diego OES. (


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